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Alligator Hunting Permits for 2016
The site contains Alligator Hunting Permit information for the 2016 season. Search for a Hunting Unit by Name or Unit #. Identify a Hunt Unit in the map and see the related permits holders for the Hunt Unit arranged by Hunt Period. Search for Permit holders by Name (Last, First), Assigned Hunt Unit Name, Assigned Hunt Unit Id# , Resident County or City.

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Interactive Mapping Sites

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  • Dispatch Calls Responded (1097)
    The site contains Dispatch Calls Responded to in the past 30 days from the sites last update, along with all calls received (1098) since 2013. This site shows only DLE Dispatch Calls with a recorded Latitude & Longitude.
  • SmarterCOP Mapper
    The site contains Dispatch Call Logs ,Captive Wildlife Permits, Alligator Hunting Permits, Commercial Salt-water Licenses and FWC Assets. This service has the functionality of searching for features in the map and printing map support.
  • Boating & Waterways
    The site contains Boating Accidents and Boating related Warnings & Citations, Waterway Marker Information, Manatee & Boating Safety Zones. The boating issues have been summarized based on the local water bodies.
  • Captive Wildlife Permits
    The site contains current Class 1,2,3 along with Reptiles of concern. Search for newly issued license holders, expired non-renewed or by expiration date.
  • Commercial Salt-water Licensing
    The site contains current wholesale, retail and salt-water products by endorsement type. Search for renewed and non-renewed wholesale and retail license holders.
  • Operations Event Tracker
    The site contains operation events that may include search and rescue, man hunt tracking. Tools included on the site are editing of event data (point, line, polygon), draw/measure, latitude/longitude plotting, importing of kml/kmz files.
  • FWC DLE Residency Mapping Tool
    The site  can be used to locate an address to check for Residency compliance based on the General Order description for the job position. Along with Residency information FWC facilities, High Resolution Imagery, local roads and interstates can be seen on the site.

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Having an issue with the site, please e-mail FWC LE GIS Specialist jacob.tustison@MyFWC.com with any issues.