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Mullet Season 2017
The below map documents show the Seasonal Mullet Closure as per statute 68B-39.

  • Commercial State-wide
  • Overview
  • 68B-39.008 2a
  • 68B-39.008 2b
  • 68B-39.008 2c
  • 68B-39.0045
  • 68B-39.0046
  • To read the adminstrative code 68B-39

    Interactive Mapping Sites

    CAUTION: The interactive mapping sites may take up to 20+ seconds to initially load the complex datasets

    • Alligator Hunting Permits for 2021 Season
      The site contains Alligator Hunting Permits residency for the 2021 Season along with the assigned Alligator Management Units
    • Gopher Sightings
      The site contains Gopher Sightings for the past year and allows the capturing of Gopher Info for Violation, Needs to be Re-checked and Legal location.
    • Vessels at Risk
      The site contains Vessles that have recieved citations related to Vessels at Risk Statute 327.4107
    • Taxidermist & Meat Processing Facitlies
      The site contains Taxidermist and Meat Processing facilties for the use in site visit documentaition.
    • Hunting Related Activity
      The site contains Hunting Information for the use in field operations detail. Collection of hunting related features i.e. bait locations, access points, tree stands, game cameras.....
    • Asset Tracker
      The site contains the locaction and status of vessels and speciality vehicles.
    • Port Inspectors
      The site features shipping and port related data to help in inspection duties.

    Hard Copy Maps

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    FWC DLE Data

    Having an issue with the site, please e-mail FWC LE GIS Specialist with any issues.